I just added a new link under Chicago weather that links to the profile for my neighborhood so you can see what crimes have gone down in my neck of the woods. This is an amazing site that extracts crime rates, types, locations and dates from publicly available databases. In the future this will all be in real time so I’ll get an alert on my cellphone when a meth lab down the block is being busted and we can all go out and gawk. Mostly theft in my area. I ran the data for where I used to live in Uptown. Damn! And I was there before the Starbucks moved in.

You can certainly see where all the stoners are. But isn’t it strange how for under 30g of cannibus it all centers in the same area?







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  1. sven Avatar

    I am curious to see who maintains this since we both know that it isn’t the Chicago Police Department….

  2. Nina! Avatar

    Andy, you are a total hoot. I am constantly amazed by your resourcefulness!!

  3. wally wonka Avatar

    thats the funnest site ever! im in uptown, and i used to go to CAPS meetings all the time. theyd be like, Youll notice there were a lot of drug possession and prostitution arrests…but thats Only Because we had a lot of sting operations.

    i felt much much better after hearing that.
    (actually, i dont mind the drug dealers and whores. i think its cute and like urban and shit.)

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