Chicago Photographer Assaulted in Lincoln Park

Jason Smith who most Lakeview/Boystownians will know as a local photographer was assaulted on May 28th:

Three men attacked Chicago Free Press photographer/art director Jason Smith and his boyfriend Michael Suh in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago May 28 in what police have described as a hate crime. Smith and Suh were walking north on Halsted Street near the intersection of Lincoln and Fullerton about 10:45 p.m. when three young Caucasian men drove past them and yelled an anti-gay epithet, the Free Press reported. As they neared the stoplight at the intersection, where the car had stopped, Smith and Suh said they found that three of the car’s occupants had exited the car and began to taunt them. The men then attacked the couple, punching and kicking them. Smith and Suh suffered minor injuries.

Asshole motherfuckers.







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  1. sven Avatar

    This crap amazes me. I would expect this in a rural town. Not Chicago.

    Soon Pride will be here. Soon.

    And, I’m not talking about the Parade.

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