Cheech and Chong

Up In Smoke is on the telly right now. I remember watching this the year we had cable when I was a kid. I remember thinking it was really really funny but I don’t think I was really cognitive of the drug use. I just remember them driving around in an ice cream truck laughing a lot and when Cheech gets trapped naked on top of that elevator.

It reminds me of 4th grade where a bunch of boys and I had a table together (a bunch of desks pushed together) and our team was called the Potawatomi Indians (a native tribe in Indiana history). We just thought the fact that the name started with ‘pot’ was funny. We even did the joint smoking sound. And I don’t really feel like this caused me to be a drug user when I was a teen. It is like we knew that pot was something verboten and funny and that is why it was funny – we didn’t really get the whole stoned/stoner thing.

Hell, the first time I saw a bong, I thought it was a bird feeder.







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