Chaos in Venezuela

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Javier emails me:

This are images that my young friends in Venezuela send me, they constantly ask me to distribute them internationally, Chavez does not want to step down and the young people from Venezuela are suffering because the international companies does not want to invest in the country. The Venezuelan population is young and there millions of professional with out jobs, the number keeps increasing because each year more and more graduate with out hope of finding jobs. Please let me know if you are having problems opening the images.If you know of a particular internet site where my friends could send images, please let me know.

You can send pictures to me at I will post as many as I can – or until my webhost blows out my bandwidth bill.






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  1. myke Avatar

    Hugo Chavez came into office championing himself a man of the poor and underpriveleged. What he turned out to be was a sterotypical dictactor that refuses to relinquish any iota of power. Very sad considering how prosperous the Venezuelan people have been in the past. He is leading the country into a meltdown.

    It’s difficult for me to reconcile these accounts with the ones from the powerful documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Did Chavez turn out to be a bad egg? Is the US again involved in backing another coup? Are the wealthier oil interests bound up in this as well? Is this more agitation to spark class warfare and oust Chavez so international business can come in and pillage like they have other S. American countries?

    Further reading in this direction: Sell the Lexus and Burn the Olive Tree.

    Never underestimate the rage of hungry people.

    Never underestimate the power of the powerful to stay that way.

  2. Andy Avatar

    A list of pro-election bloggers in Venezuela. Getting a better picture of the ground-level view of things… including 100 Good Reasons Not to Believe Chavez.

  3. myke Avatar

    Your comments are .. intuitive. You never can tell what a combination of someone who will not bow to the typical oil conglomeratges who also happens to be a megalomaniac. The events that are unfolding there will undoubtedly lead to Chavez’s ouster. The question will then be: will the Venezuelan people be saddled with someone worse or better?

  4. Matthew Avatar

    Sad pictures.

  5. Christian Avatar

    Hopefully better, there is no guarantee though. We understand that. Venezuelans could live with “better or worse”, again, hopefully better, but the main issue is to have a democratic gov’t and one with “Checks and balances” and one that attends to the real needs of the poor and not the continued “lip service” that Chavez continues to follow his predecessors with.

  6. Andy Avatar

    Another thing that makes me re-think is that I totally would have bought into the way Chavez presented his campaign years ago. I fall for that renegade, ‘for the people’ thing (why I supported Howard Dean for so long). It’s scary to consider it’s politics as usual and no one really gives a shit about those that aren’t filthy rich. Howard Dean could’ve turned into a maniac – you never can tell. But it reveals to me my own easily pushed ‘bleeding heart’ buttons.

  7. Jay Avatar

    andy, i will gladly create a phlog at (mine’s here) where you could post all pictures for free and without limit. it can be set up so that anyone interested can upload photos via email and even mms directly. i will return here with details if you think this is a good idea. cheers!

  8. Jay Avatar

    helo again, andy… it’s done! please check your email for details… we could then talk and then announce the news… cheers!

  9. mark Avatar

    Let me know when you have a permanent home and I’ll point as many people in it’s direction I can.

    I hate Power in times like this.

  10. Jay Avatar

    hello again! as described in private correspondence and alluded to in previous comments, i’ve created a phlog called chaos in venezuela to which anyone having the correct address can contribute entries leaving the “moderation” of the site to any or all of us. please note that the colour scheme and design (based on simple CSS) can be changed easily. what do you think?!

  11. arcana imperii Avatar

    ?chaos in venezuela?

    if a picture is worth a thousand words… it ocurred to me to design and develop a photo blog as a joint project which could showcase the photographs and raise international awareness about the situation in venezuela. only eleven images have been rec…

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