Category: women’s issues

  • The Vagina Police

    Frost-Claw at your service with more worldwide wickedness. Was in chat with Andy when the subject of the recent atrocities in El Salvador came up. No, not those atrocities, but the ones now being perpetrated by the El Salvadoran government against women. Women who have had the misfortune to be raped, have an ectopic pregnancy or […]

  • Smug Bitches

    Dutchess Frostpaw, undoubtedly like many of you out there, has a problem with Smug Bitches and their deleterious effects upon society at large. Allow me to elucidate: The size three Skinny Minnie who pinches the 1/4″ of fat on her thigh in public and in full view of no less than four super-sized women crying “Oh my god! I […]

  • Announcing a New Wave of Cool…

    Greetings boys and girls, it is the Grand Duchess of Frost here by Andy’s kind invitation to vent, rant, be menopausal (get over it) and generally hold forth on whatever is currently topical. Congratulations dear Andy, on your SUPREME TRIUMPH in the BlogWild department. Well done!!! Like all loyal Americans, I swoon in rapture at […]