Category: (Possible) War in Korea

  • Kim Jong-Il's Orwellian Truman Show Nightmare

    Peter Hitchens visits North Korea: But where Orwell’s ministry was a glittering white, the abandoned Ryugyong Hotel is a dingy dun-brown, its hundreds of glassless windows like sockets gazing at what its maker, the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, has wrought. … Every machine in the country is close to breakdown. This even affects parts […]

  • WaPo: Post-Election Call Up of Remaining Reserves and National Guard

    (via Digg) Don’t call it a draft, yetn Plans are secretly underway for a suprise new call up of National Guard and Reserves to be announced sometime after the election.The Washington Post has now reported that plamning that is now classified, being kept secret from voters and military families until the election is over, could […]

  • Am I a Nuke or Not

    Is anyone else baffled that we can’t tell if North Korea did a nuclear test or not? The news says we have seismometers all over the globe. Plus the satellite surveillance. Plus everything else. If we are such a bad-ass military machine why don’t we know if this was really a nuclear test or not? […]

  • 'I won't be ignored, Dan.”: North Korea Launches Nuclear Test

    Or it might just be seismic activity. Just broke.

  • American Coup D'etat? Nope. But Erosion…?

    Harper’s got together a quartet of military experts to examine the eternal question: Could it happen here? UTTWAK: What about a situation in which the military was ordered to start a war that it did not believe could be won?… BACEVICH: The military would leak it to the Washington Post, and the war would never […]

  • Kim Jong-Il to World: 'I Won't Be Ignored, Dan”

    I hope you like Kal Bi. Kidding! North Korea launched their own special fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July. Having the missiles launch on the 4th was so snarky, I love it. From Tony Snow’s press conference: Pity points for the North Korean people – our problem is not with them No one wants […]

  • Andymatic 017 Gay Podcast

    Andymatic 017 Gay Podcast Dr. Eric from and I work out the world’s problems.

  • United States National Security Strategy Updated and Released

    The fourth through seventh words are, I kid you not: America is at war. Summary: America will continue to pre-emptively attack its enemies and Iran is now the greatest danger facing the United States, George Bush announced today in a new version of his “National Security Strategy”. ThinkProgress does a little fact checking. They also […]

  • North Korea Has Nukes

    I’m gonna go ahead and make a category called ‘(Possible) War in Korea’: I always assumed North Korea had nukes, so the announcement that they have them is less than surprising. The neocons are offering great incentive for nations to develop their own deterrent arsenal.