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  • Andymatic 017 Gay Podcast

    Andymatic 017 Gay Podcast Dr. Eric from and I work out the world’s problems.

  • Andymatic 016 – Gay podcast

    Andymatic 016 Gay Podcast – Includes your guide to the 2006 and 2008 elections, FISA, NSA and a lesson in Tagalog.

  • Andymatic 014

    Andymatic 014 Murtha, oil execs, my cat’s psychotic break.

  • Andymatic 013

    Andymatic 013 Rants on the NBA dress code, Wilma evacuation, Fitzmas and Delay.

  • Andymatic 012

    Andymatic 012 Testing new hardware and software. 

  • Andymatic 011

    Here’s an interview I taped today with Daniel from The DC Unity Walk. September 11, 2005 in DC: Yeah so the hardware I bought kept crashing my computer and I couldn’t figure out why – it doesn’t work with Celeron processors. Guitar Center wouldn’t take it back so I’m selling the MF on eBay.…

  • Andymatic 20050827 Cookie Monster

    Binge eating: Rice Krispie treats, french bread pizza (Stouffer’s) and 2% milk (pasteurized, homogenized).

  • Andymatic 20050820

    General musings about birthdays, Manhole and compliments. Links Clusterfuck Nation Global gas prices  Energy bill  Note: audio mix a little on the quiet side.  Update: Tessa couldn’t find a parking spot in all of Lakeview so she opted to just drive all the way back home – six hours! I gave her all the Coke…

  • Andymatic 20050818

    Cindy Sheehan, intelligent design, Adam Corolla. Upcoming courses: Six Figure Blogging Business Blog Basics 

  • Andymatic 20050815

    Andymatic 20050815  Review of Circuit, self-destruction, Vera Drake, virtuosity and Dungeons & Dragons.