Category: Movie Reviews

  • Death Proof (2007)

    I can’t remember if I posted my review of Planet Terror or not. Death Proof is the second part of the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino homage to the exploitation grindhouse movies of the 1970s. Kurt Russel plays Stuntman Mike, a Hollywood stunt man with a penchant for killing pretty young women – with his car. A […]

  • United 93

    History happens to ordinary people. Leaders and other supposed great men and women make their grand pronouncements and pose for the cameras, but ordinary people feel the effects of history when it crashes down on them – or when they knock down the first domino. United 93 is an enourmously affecting and effective piece. I […]

  • Rent (Movie)

    Rent came out while I was in theatre school and many of the songs are charged with my emotions and dreams from back then. Brigitte and I usually would sing the score as we drove from Dayton to Louisville to visit home. It was just long enough for us to cover both CDs plus have […]