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  • My New Job

    In case you didn’t hear: I got a job with Six Apart. Makers of TypePad, Vox and Movable Type. Post comments/congrats and San Francisco lunch invites here.

  • Toffee for Breakfast

    I had a real shit-hole week 2 weeks ago. Mom and dad sent me sympathy toffee. And turtle brownies. Rock out.

  • Spot On/Off

    I feel awful. A guy at the gym asked me to spot him on a bench press – he was bench pressing about 200 pounds. I stood over him. The first 2 reps were fine. The 3rd he managed to get through and then something snapped and the bar fell on him. I didn’t move […]

  • At Last, My Arm is Complete Again

    Praise the Gods of DHL for delivering my repaired Sony Vaio PCG-SRX87 back safely from the Pacific Northwern laptop repair center of The LCD hinge is no longer floppy or flaccid but stiff and strong and long-lasting. Extra points for knowing that this post’s title refers to the climax of the song ‘My Friend’ […]

  • 190#

    Dear Christ. I weigh 190#. I guess I can rationalize that I’ve been at this new job for 2 months, plus I really think my Zoloft contributes for the past several years. Even when I was going to the gym nearly every day and lifting and doing cardio June-August I didn’t seem to drop weight. […]

  • The Flying Naomis

    Alrighty. I fired up the Chimoo Timer app on the Mac Mini and so I’m now doing some speedwriting which I haven’t done in forever. I FedExed the Sony Vaio laptop off to the laptop repair place to have new hinges put in. I think that’ll make the laptop survive a couple more years. The […]

  • Wireless in Seattle

    So where are all of these militant Muslim websites that keep talking about Osama Bin Laden? Why don’t they give us the URLs so we can check for ourselves? And is it just me or has Bin Laden not changed clothes in like 6 years? Maybe I’m just not sufficiently terrorized but I really just […]

  • Dinner at the Palisade Restaurant, Seattle

    Today started with more orientation and reading and re-reading of documents and processes and project plans and such. Lunch was with the same crew from yesterday – plus an added bunch or five or six – at J & M bar where it was Burger Wednesdays. Tomorrow is the lunchtime barbecue and tonight I had […]

  • Seattle Report-Out

    Yes, it is true that as soon as you get off the plane in Seattle airport that they put a mug of coffee in your hand – just like how the Vegas airport’s gate empty out directly into a pool of slot machines. The flight from O’Hare yesterday was a bit delayed yesterday – about […]

  • Mitt's Makeup, Edwards's Haircuts

    Can we dispense with all the Oooh they spend money on their personal appearance so they must be effette cheese-eating surrender monkeys coverage? I would hope my politicans and candidates spend money a stylist and a makeup artist as needed just like I hope they choose designers for their sites, mailings and bumper stickers. When […]