Category: 3. Enemies and Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause

  • Evil POS

    “To be clear, I don’t hate Trump because he’s an old, rich, white man. I hate trump because he is an evil piece of shit.” via Commenter on MetaFilter

  • My Mistake

    “Oh my mistake, all the birthers need is educating. It’s been such an effective strategy on climate change, health care, gun control, marriage equality, how can it not work on this? Let’s show them some facts and bask in the warm glow of their enlightenment.” via Comment on MetaFilter.

  • France's Ban on Muslim Veil's Will Imprison Women in Their Own Homes

    Commenter from Metafilter: Most importantly though, those of you supporting this law seem to think that the consequences will be thousands of liberated women and girls shopping, working, and enjoying themselves proudly barefaced, with all the other French women. What’s more likely is that thousands of women will now be sequestered at home, unable to […]

  • Removing Arizona's Undocumented Workers Would Shrink the Economy $48.8 Billion

    Report finds that deporting Arizona’s illegal workers would result in: Decrease total employment by 17.2 percent Eliminate 581,000 jobs for immigrant and native-born workers alike Shrink state economy by $48.8 billion Reduce state tax revenues by 10.1 percent If they offered them a path to legalization? Increase total employment by 7.7 percent Add 261,000 jobs […]

  • How the Public Relations Industry Created 'Humanitarian Intervention'

    From Adam Curtis: The idea of humanitarian intervention begins in 1968 with the Biafran war. It is a fascinating moment because it is where the framework – the filter through which we now perceive all humanitarian tragedies – was first constructed. The Eastern part of Nigeria had declared independence and called their new state Biafra. In […]

  • Former CIA Clandestine Program Supervisor Duane Clarridge Defends the Empire

    Via Glenn Greenwald on Salon: ‘We’ll intervene whenever it is in our national security interests to intervene. And if you don’t like it, you can lump it. Get used to it world. We’re not going to put up with this nonsense.’ YouTube – Duane Clarridge Defends the Empire.

  • Republican Cheat Sheet

        NnXJZ.png (801×851).

  • Fred Phelps from Westboro Church is a Con Man

    “Whether he believes his posters or not is irrelevant. He’s using this as a moneymaking scheme.”

  • CIA Relied on Con Man's Shitty Software

    Remember all that bullshit about how there were hidden messages in Al Jazeera broadcasts? Yeah. It was bullshit. But they won’t release details due to national security concerns – not because they might have made huge mistakes: The software he patented — which he claimed, among other things, could find terrorist plots hidden in broadcasts […]

  • Michael Ratner on Prosecuting Bush for Torture

    Michael Ratner from the Center for Constitutional Rights on the legal basis for investigating Bush for torture: Let’s correct one major misconception some have about the basis for this action and how it relates to the U.S. legal system at the outset. The Convention Against Torture, which mandates that Switzerland and 146 other countries including […]