Category: 2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights

  • 30 Disgusting Facts from the CIA Torture Report

    It didn’t work. They covered it up. It’ll happen again.

  • Pardoning Torturers Won't Mean Shit

    The ACLU is out of their minds.

  • Torture's OK Because 'America Is Awesome'

    “The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome.”

  • Left in the Gutter

    “My stepmother never complained to us, always tried to keep us busy. I know she slept with some men in a sugar daddy arrangement so we would have at least some toys, and I remember the day my father came home being so furious with her. She lied, she was a cheater, and my little […]

  • Wielding Power

    “The only rational thought is that he’s gotten what he wants. That he wanted to protect the torturers. That he wanted to protect the banksters. That he wanted to solidify and increase the powers of an Imperial Presidency. That he wanted Health Care Reform that amounts to little more than a giveaway to the megacorporations […]

  • Pro-War Ideology Connected to Being Shielded From the Human Cost of War

    “[A new study] suggests that many Americans’ aggressively pro-war ideology may fundamentally rely on their being physically shielded/disconnected from the human cost of war. … The researchers analyzed data from the Jennings-Niemi Political Socialization Study of college-bound high schoolers and subsequent interviews of those same high-schoolers from 1965 onward. In the process, they discovered that men […]

  • Justice Scalia and the Little Black Box

    “I’ve always wanted someone to run a black box experiment with all the SCOTUS justices. Here’s how it would work. Take any case, X. Break it down along ideological grounds… an opinion/ruling … favored a corporation over the consumer or the other way around; or expanded/upheld/restricted civil rights; expanded/restricted government power vs citizen rights, labor vs […]

  • How Roger Ailes Failed at Setting Up a Strong Republican Candidate for 2012

    ‘”[Fox News’s Roger] Ailes is the most successful executive in television by a wide margin, and he has been so for more than a decade. He is also, in a sense, the head of the Republican Party, having employed five prospective presidential candidates and done perhaps more than anyone to alter the balance of power […]

  • Private Insurance is a Defective Product

    “Private insurance is a defective product. … Even middle-class families with supposedly good coverage are just one serious illness away from financial ruin. My colleagues and I recently found that medical bills and illness contribute to 62 percent of all personal bankruptcies — a 50 percent increase since 2001. Strikingly, three-quarters of the medically bankrupt had […]

  • Former Military Interrogator on How Torture Delayed Finding Bin Laden

    “One of the things that people aren’t talking about is the fact that one of the people that was confronted with this information that bin Laden had a courier is Skaykh al-Libi, who was held in a CIA secret prison and was tortured and who gave his CIA interrogators the name of the courier as […]