Category: 14. Fraudulent Elections

  • Past Coworker of Waukesha Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Sounds off

    She was not only incompetent, but also a fierce right-to-lifer and archconservative. If you said to her, ‘I really like hot fudge sundaes’, her reply would be, ‘We really have to stop abortions.’ Her testifying in the caucus scandal notwithstanding, this casts considerable doubt on her integrity. She knew damn well that what she was […]

  • American Shame

    Comparing unemployment, income inequality, democracy, food supply, life expectancy, prison population and student performance. New York Times

  • Bill Moyers Says Goodbye to Karl Rove

    “It’s so easy, as Karl knew, to scapegoat people you outnumber, and if God is love, as rumor has it, Rove knew that, in politics, you better bet on fear and loathing. Never mind that in stroking the basest bigotry of true believers you coarsen both politics and religion.” [youtube]mmwdevPRycY[/youtube]

  • Florida Bans Electronic Voting Machines

    One small step: Florida has abruptly reversed course after the debacle of the 2006 election and banned electronic voting devices from all state elections. Florida was at the forefront of the electronic voting revolution after the disaster that was 2000 where Russia considered Florida a backwards democracy. However, since 2000 the machines themselves have been […]

  • HOWTO: Bring Down the Republican Party

    Via DailyKos: The story, of course, is election fraud. Gaming the electoral system from the inside. To unfairly favor republicans. Favors and promotions for those who go along. Demotions, firings and blacklisting of those who don’t. Nonexistent charges of voter fraud and threats or coercion for these charges to be investigated. Illegal redistricting. Petty lawsuits […]

  • Orwell Reads the Finale of 1984

    Bouncing around YouTube on a Friday night:

  • Proto-Fascism Makes Me Horny

    To celebrate the new year, I’m adding a collection of 14 new categories to this blog. The fourteen points of fascism first authored by Lauren Britt. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism. Disdain for the importance of human rights. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism. Rampant sexism. A […]