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  • Why is Political Violence Coming from the Right?

    Comparing history of right and left political violence: For decades now, the most serious threat of domestic terrorism has come from the growing ranks of paranoid, anti-government hate groups that draw their inspiration, vocabulary and anger from the far right. It is disingenuous for mainstream purveyors of incendiary far-right rhetoric to dismiss groups such as […]

  • Nashville Man Crashes Into Car Over Obama Sticker

    I hate the idea of ‘road rage’ as this separate discipline aside from ‘people are just assholes’: A Nashville man says he and his 10-year-old daughter were victims of road rage Thursday afternoon, all because of a political bumper sticker on his car. Mark Duren told News 2 the incident happened around 4:30p.m., while he was […]

  • Palin Uses Crosshairs and Says 'Reload'

    from Hullabaloo.

  • Cut Gas Line At Home Of Dem Rep's Brother

    “After a tea party organizer published the address of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in a blog post urging anti-health reform activists to “drop by,” someone cut a propane gas line at the house, Politico is reporting. Now the FBI is investigating what happened at the home near Charlottesville, according to Politico. The development comes […]

  • Alabama Milita Aims for Night of Broken Glass

    When was the last time someone broke a lot of windows to send a message? Oh yeah. The Star also said that a former leader of the Alabama Constitutional Militia Monday claimed responsibility for the attacks. He issued a call Friday for modern “Sons of Liberty” to break the windows of Democratic Party offices nationwide in […]

  • Texas Board of Education Continues to Make Your Kids Stupider

    Keep in mind that Texas is one of the main guides for textbooks published across the entire nation: The standard was about the Enlightenment and political revolutions that led to modern liberal democracy. So they removed the Enlightenment references and Thomas Jefferson, who played a key role in the two most prominent revolutions in the […]

  • Noam Chomsky on Right-Wing Populism

    NOM NOM Noam: I listen to talk radio a lot and it’s kind of interesting. These people think, “I’ve done everything right all my life, I’m a god-fearing Christian, I’m white, I’m male, I’ve worked hard, and I carry a gun. I do everything I’m supposed to do. And I’m getting shafted.” And in fact […]

  • Chinese/Black Woman on Reality Show Freaks Out China

    Nice to know rednecks speak Mandarin too: The daughter of a Chinese mother and an absent African-American father [that is odd, why is it necessary to say he was ‘absent’? -AW] , 20-year-old Lou caused a media storm when she was named one of Shanghai’s five finalists for “Let’s Go! Oriental Angel,” an “American Idol”-style […]

  • Czech Town Confronts 1945 Massacre

    The officials sent a report back to their minister recommending that the bodies be exhumed and burnt so that “[the victims] should have no memorials to which they could point as a source of suffering by their people.” In a top-secret operation in August 1947, several mass graves were dug up, and 763 bodies were […]

  • Russia as Degenerated Liberal Democracy

    [W]hat happened in Russia between 1985 and 1999 was in fact a revolution in much the same sense as the Bolshevik and French Revolutions. The primary difference is that while the French Revolution (and the English Civil War, and to some extent the German revolution in 1848) served to eliminate or reduce the systemic obstacles […]