Much has happened. Ron has decided to take the voluntary furlough with the airline. He’s dodged the bullet twice already and figured he wouldn’t miss the cut off to get laid off again. This way he can have benefits and keep his seniority for 9 months and collect unemployment. He just can’t work a job in the airline industry. Right now he is trying to concoct a way to live off of unemployment. This of course got us into a heated discussion about money and finance. As they always say: you’ll always fight about money.

Ron and I have very different views on spending. I think he really does have a problem with buying stuff to make himself feel better. Yeah, the jeans were on sale but you would have saved more by not buying them. He has a lot of debt he’s trying to get rid of and instead of really focusing on reducing his spending… he’s spinning ways to survive at his current level. I suggest selling the TV that is still at his ex’s house. I suggest selling furntiure. I suggest getting rid of broadband for a while. Or reducing the cellphone plan. All of this is met with avoidance. Plus, I just am sort of appalled at trying to live off unemployment for nine months after he is always telling me how hard immigrants (especially Asians) are and how they will take any job to survive.






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