Can't Sleep.

Weather map of Chicago showing massive snow storm. From

I can sleep. It’s 3:40 am. Kitty and I laid down for a long winter’s nap but I think our early evening snooze may have upset the delicate balance. Oh well. The gym opens at 5:30. The snow is thick!







2 responses to “Can't Sleep.”

  1. Paulie Sabol Avatar

    You and I both can’t sleep.

    I’m still at it 🙂

    I’m glad I have a treadmill so I can let the weather keep me from walking down the stairs to my home gym! 🙂 (Pinches the inches)


  2. DAN Avatar

    3:00 am magic time .That the time the monks get up to pray for the day to start…A special blessing to all who welcome in the day…………….d

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