Can't Sleep

Laid down at 11:13. Got up. Couldn’t sleep. Helped Andrea fix a major server problem. Walked to White Hen and snacked on granola bar + peanut butter + chocolate milk. Laid down again. Back up.







4 responses to “Can't Sleep”

  1. andrew Avatar

    The best advice I ever had was to stay in bed and keep still with your eyes closed, no matter how boring it gets – you are still resting / half sleeping and most times sleep does eventually come.

  2. John Avatar

    Actually, I heard just the opposite not long ago. This one researcher was saying that if you can’t sleep, get up. According to her, laying in bed awake interferes with the mental association of being in bed = sleeping. Apparently reinforcing this association has helped insomniacs get more sleep. Of course, one would hope you can still associate being in bed with recreation… 🙂

  3. palochi Avatar

    My doc says to do what John said. Plus, you’re supposed to get up and do something boring. Occasionally, when I get a bout of insomnia, this works about half the time.

  4. sam Avatar

    Getting up and reading a book or reading online used to work because it exhausted my eyeballs. But now I’m immune for some reason. I guess I broke that million-hour threshold.

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