Canada Gay Marriage Rant

It’s great that when my vitriol is dried up on a Friday morning, I can borrow vinegar from a neighbor. T goes off on a woman’s letter to the WaPo about the gay marriage events in Canada.

As a gay man in the Metro-DC area, and a fellow commuter, let me be blunt in my response: Fuck you. That you are “saddened” to see two people celebrating their love for each other —in such a tame manner— says far more about you than it does about them. That it bothers you that these guys get a taste of equality, also speaks volumes.






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  1. Terrance Heath Avatar

    Hey. The pingback worked! I wonder if this means my problems are solved. Will have to test this later…

  2. David Wozney Avatar

    Neither Canadian Members of Parliament nor present-day Canadian judges are the ultimate authority on the lawful definition of marriage in Canada.

    The Lawful Definition of Marriage in Canada

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