Camel Spiders

camelspider.gifCamel spiders are one of the fastest running arthropods. Up to 10 m.p.h. Camel spiders are voracious feeders. In desert areas they are often attracted to lights at night in search of food and their appearance can cause alarm if they enter tents. (from Sometimehappy via Mad Life)

Holy God. It’s like a facehugger from Alien.






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  1. bw Avatar

    Now, I’m thinking it’s okay to have brown recluse spiders in my house.

    Hey guys I think I seen this kind of spiders here in the stsates

  2. Sunny Avatar

    WOW! I am happy that type of shit is not here in Texas! DAMN!!! Oh yea.. there is no such thing as that living here in the U.S., so just shut up Antonio!

  3. Leslie Avatar

    Acutally, there are. They are found in the extreme southern parts of the US, Baja California, and Northern Mexico. They aren’t really spiders or scorpions but are arachnids. They are a very fast arthropod reaching speeds of 10 MPH, are voracious nocturnal hunters, but secrete no venom and rely on stealth, speed, and a powerful bite to catch their prey. The eat mainly small insects, other arthropods and lizards.

  4. michele Avatar

    ok dum pep why dont we thank about the people in iraq hew have to go to bed with these thangs like my brother

  5. john Avatar

    these thing are creepy

  6.  Avatar

    fuck you all you slutes

  7. Jon Avatar

    “Arachnid” is latin for “Spider” as far as I know…

  8. Lara Avatar

    those things r HUGE!!!!…..boy am I glad we don’t have tose tyhigs her……but we probably will after the war

  9. Laura Avatar



  10. Laura Avatar


  11. Jer Avatar

    I think the photo is fruadulent. Another photoshop manipulation. Look at the scale. You seriously think arachnids get that big in that environment? What do they eat? People? You’ve been duped. Idiots!

  12. Jer Avatar

    err.. fraudulent. steps off of soapbox…

  13. Hannah Avatar

    Hey those pictures are real, but at the angle of the shot the spider looks to be huge, if you saw the whole shot you can see part of the hand holding the spiders up and the scale is reduced.. The Camel Spider will get to be as big as a child’s hand. The full picture is at:

  14. Me Avatar

    OMIFUCKINGOD….. those things are fucking massive man….i’m glad we dont have htose in australia…fucking hell!

  15. Rick Avatar

    Attention Class: Are there any refresher spelling courses you can take?? Oh, here’s a suggestion…try reviewing what you write before hitting “enter”. I’ve discovered that the only true constant in life is stupidity.

  16. Jennifer Wills Avatar
    Jennifer Wills

    I see the same picture of the camel spider all over every website. Does anybody know of any websites w/ different pictures? ๐Ÿ™‚ thanx**

  17. Tracey Avatar

    NO DOUBT! I think “some? of the people replying to this are scarier than the spiders! Illiterates? You think so? Get an education or start paying attention and stay away from the voting booth you morons. And do they really eat with those mouths? I bet their Mothers are proud? Garbage in, garbage out!

  18. hurly Avatar

    it is possible that they are a mix between
    spiders and scorpions because scorpions can live in hotter places. But spiders can run faster.

  19. daniel Avatar

    i am a soldier in iraq just north of bagdad and i killed onknow some of you find it hard to belive that these things get this big but they do. me and my battle buddy caught one that hade a leg span of 4 in and its body was abought 3in so we dont take these things lightly.

  20. kerry Avatar

    I agree with the person who mentioned the grammer! Come on people, ever heard of a spell check or a dictionary. Oh, how about this, if you can’t spell it don’t use it.Also these thing do exist, they are really that big and they can run that fast.My husband is deployed to the desert and he just e-mailed me and told me he just got out raced by one coming out of the shower. Plus they are really ugly(his word’s).

  21. becky Avatar

    these things are scary my boyfriend is away with the american air force and got bitten by one of these things he’s lucky to be alive.

  22. john Avatar

    lies lies and alabies

  23. jordan Avatar

    the name of them are actually solpugids a.k.a “camel spiders ” “sun spiders or “wind scorpions” in middle eastern parts the certainly grow up to 6 ” leg span,and YES U.S. does have them.(but much smaller, 2-3″) they are NOT poisonous I promise that and do not eat stomachs from camels, moose,grizzly bears ect they are F’n arachnids not wolves they prey on huge insects and possibly lizards or birds if they can get a hold of them.
    remember not full of venom but bites is extremely painfull (was bitten by small californian solpugid) so I could only assumn that the big camel spiders our boys are deal’n with pack a nasty bite.

  24. Sonam Avatar

    “Arachnid” is latin for “Spider” as far as I know…
    Posted by: Jon at June 1, 2004 07:41 AM

    Wrong.. Arachnid is originated from the ancient Greek word “Arachny” which meens spider. It’s from an ancient greek evil godess . Which exact name can’t remember right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. David from Iraq Avatar
    David from Iraq

    Are you serious?! I’m sitting here in Iraq and one just started running across the freakin tent like 5 minutes ago. I shine my light at it and it started to run at me! Then this marine who had a red flashlight shone on it and I guess it didn’t like that so it ran away. Lucky I didn’t bust a cap in that fool! It looks like something out of an Alien movie! Now we’re all jumping at everything like a bunch of girl scouts on a camping trip. unbelievable… what’s the difference between a lizard and a camel and a human anyway? little freaks… it’s on now!

  26. Ty Avatar

    They are not simply in the extreme southwest of the U.S. I live in Utah and have seen 2 of these. One was in my bedroom.

  27. steve haines Avatar
    steve haines

    Im deployed in Iraq. I see these “spiders” on a daily basis. Me and my battle buddy catch them and sell them to other soldiers. Then we fight them against other camel spiders, scorpions, and lizards. The one i have now is the champ hes smaller than most pics show, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in strenth. I keep him in a large tub with a little sand in it. everything i drop in there for him he kills and eats within seconds. its our source of entertainment to watch them fight and see how big we can get them before they get beat. mine is 5-0 he killed 3 scorpions and 2 camel spiders.

  28. someguy Avatar

    uhhh to the asshole that said thats a photo manipulation, try again. go ask any veteran of the gulf war or anyone currently fighting the war in iraq, that is not something out of a fairy tale. my uncle had a friend who had half of his face ripped up by one of these things. once again do not listen to the idiot that sez “photo manipulation”

  29. grommet Avatar

    I lived in baja california for 5 years, and these things were everywhere, including my bedroom. it took me a while to find them on the internet because we called them “matavenados”, spanish for deerslayers. While most spiders ran away if you bothered them, these guys would either charge at you or stand up on their back pairs of legs for intimidation. Although they’re not venomous, they have these pincers that chew and chew instead of just a quick bite. I put one in a container and covered it with two layers of wire screening that came from a window, but when i came back a few hours later he had chewed a hole through both layers and escaped. And we, too, would throw them into containers with scorpions and black widows to see who would come out alive… these camel spiders were the champs everytime.

  30. Gerry Avatar

    Yea, I heard that a patrol of soldier found a camel walking with its intestines dragging on the ground…they found the spider attached to it, still eating…yum.

  31. Edmund Avatar

    I’m from San Bernardino California and I have had the bad luck of running into two of these spriders/scorpion things a few years ago in my house. I’m really into insect but when I ran into these things I freaked out they were both only about 2 inches in body length but were as mean as pitbulls, with there four fangs it clenched onto the broom I was sweeping with and didnt let go until it wanted to let go. I ended up doing some research on it and the closest thing I got was a camel spider but it said they only lived in the deserts so I wasnt sure but they did emphasize the four fangs that it had. And the picture on this web site is the exact same thing. I had the hardest time sweeping knowing those things were around.

  32. robin Avatar

    Once on a National Geographic show, I saw these tribal people grilling large spiders and pulling the legs off and then eating them. To them they said the legs were a delicacy. Humm yah think they taste like chicken? haha I had a huge fear of spiders until I bought two tarantulas and handled them to over come my fears. For some reason I think if the spider has fuzzy hair they dont look so grotesque.. But if they have no hair and look rubbery like the Hawaiian Cane spider and are super fast and crazy then I would still freak. Tarantulas are at least known to be more layed back. **Smiles My heart and prayers go out to all you soldiers! Its okay to scream like girls if you see one of them monster lookin’, 8 legged freakin’, mouth full of fangs sinkin’, nasty lookin arachnoids. Blow the suckers up, better yet, just shoot ’em. haha I sure wouldnt want to be the one cleaning the thing up though. hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. hummingbird Avatar

    why do you all think the spiders, or whatever you think they are, are creepy? god put them on this earth for a reason and they just happen to be something that we are not used to. i think they are great!

  34. candice Avatar

    Well sorry to burst your bubble guys but these things are here in the states… theres a few differnt kinds of them, the ones we have are not as big, but still the same. However, after doing a little research of my own, I discovered theyre not quite the monster that everyone has made them out to be. They do not possess poison and prey only on insects, spiders, scorpions, and small lizards. They only bite if threatened. The stories you here about them injecting novicain and knawing on you.. or eating camels is NOT true. dont believe everything you hear lol

  35. Avatar

    I dont know about you, but that spider made me hard!

  36. Julia Avatar
    just punch in Solpugid on the internet and you will see!

  37. zach Avatar

    I live in La Grande, OR and I just caught a camel spider today; about 2″ big. I had it identified at Eastern ORegon University, so I think these things are spreading from the south.Glad their not venoumous.7-13-04

  38. Garbo Avatar

    I had to laugh at the person who, rightfully, so indicted those morons who could not spell correctly — or who couldn’t seem to use correct grammar. The irony was that the individual who was making the commentary spelled “grammar” incorrectly. They spelled it, “grammer”. I had to laugh. As you said, though, “if you can’t spell it, don’t put it on paper!”

  39. Steuber_USMC Avatar

    Yeah these things suck….Me and my buddies killed a couple when we were over in Iraq in 2003. They’re as fast as they say and are absolutely disgusting looking creatures. I was more worried about those damn things coming after me than the friggin’ Iraqi’s shooting at us!!!! The ones I saw were about the size of someone’s hand. They’d challenge us when we approached them to try and kill’em by lifting up there front legs….Really disturbing…..And it looks like I get to deal with them again in September…Time for deployment number two!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!

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