California Teasin'

sunny_weather.gifI’m wearing shorts! Holy crap it’s warm today! I can’t believe it.

It is important to remember that only 4 months ago I was proclaiming how cold it was in large swaths of profanity.






2 responses to “California Teasin'”

  1. myke Avatar

    There’s a rule you know that says when you first put on shorts in the spring you have to have your picture taken and then you’re required to post it on your blog for all to gaze at. It’s rule #146-B. I swear.


    Thanks for visiting and enjoying my pic post. I don’t work with Mozilla, but thanks for the heads up. Is it windows based ?

  2. Tim Z. Avatar

    You know Chicago, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a short while and it will change. lol

    I’ve always lived in the Chicago area and have noticed that on spring days when it quickly turns warm AND windy, there’s probably a storm in our future.

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