Ensconced at the coffeeshop. I’m brewing green-tea to my left. I got here before the rush to ensure a seat – and more importantly: an electrical outlet. Going to try and conquer both of my inboxes – personal and business. Did a paltry 25 minutes of stationary bike this morning. Kept kitty out of the bedroom until 5:30 when the knocking and hissing of the radiators made him freak out. I think one of the best parts of having a cat is that you are always sorely missed. Every time I come into the apartment he is so happy to see me. And with me being gone for a few days – he’s doing the usual brushing up against my legs – re-scenting me. Usually he doesn’t do that since I work at home.

Ron has started formulating New Year’s plans. I think we should go to Las Vegas. Book an early flight on the 31st. Party all night. Get back on the plane on the 1st. No hotel, non-stop. I think it’d be a blast.

I keep thinking about politics sometimes that I think it might drive me crazy. I guess I used to have more faith in people. Americans are just a crazy bunch, aren’t we? And I’m not just talking left/right/whatever. I mean in general. I always like statements that start with ‘America is the only first-world country that…’. The Lakoff book (review coming!) has really got me thinking about the context of the national debate. That there are fundamental moral worldviews clashing here. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a culture war. I’m thinking about buying 10 copies of the book and sending them to people as presents.

Update: Aha! It’s now 12:35pm and I have a table and an eletrical outlet. SUCKAS! I think Kris is behind me – looks like he shaved his head. But I don’t want to stare since I don’t have my lenses in. People still remark about this 2 year old Sony VAIO I’m carrying. I guess it makes sense – computers haven’t gotten much smaller since then – they’ve gotten thinner but there’s only so small you can make a keyboard.






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