Bush's Speech, Republican National Convention, 2004

I had to write about this.

I had to keep turning off the television because I started screaming at the TV as George outlined another four years of ruin and mayhem. An entire stadium filled with people that feel I should be a second-class citizen is pretty damned disturbing.

The staging of the evening was right out of an Albert Speer playbook. The chants of ‘four more years’ with hands raised in a pseudo-Sieg Heil the frosting on the fascist cake.

Ron and I played a rousing game of Find the Asian. I think we saw two in the entire convention hall.

Those who disagree won’t change their minds. I’m not going to change my mind. I think he’s a worthless lazy sack of shit with a gift for wedging himself in with the most arrogant, careless sociopaths ever to hit American politics. He’s managed to question Kerry’s heroism while he spent his time running from duty and defending Texas from the Viet Cong. While he was snorting coke and helping his girlfriend get an abortion, others his age were dying in the rice paddies.

And that smile. That calculated shit-eating grin. That’s not charm.

But don’t worry – even if Kerry wins you know that in four more years they’ll try to get Jeb Bush on the national scene. That’ll be a windfall.

DSL comes on in the new place today. Expect the political rage to resume.






5 responses to “Bush's Speech, Republican National Convention, 2004”

  1. thom Avatar

    Such is the plight of a lot of people that subscribe to seeing the world in us vs. them mentalities. You and I happen to see our enemies in ourselves, which these people cannot. The battle is over human spirit and human nature… Perhaps those at the RNC drunk on perceived spirit, denouncing those who sucumb to nature…. or is it us who are drowning in human nature yearning for more of the human spirt?

    They just see the world differently. It’s wrong, and uninformed, but you don’t have to think so much if you don’t have to admit when you’re wrong, so I guess thinking less can be appealing.

  2. sam Avatar

    Ahh, nobody rants like you Andy. It makes me happy.

  3. kc Avatar

    “I think he’s a worthless lazy sack of shit with a gift for wedging himself in with the most arrogant, careless sociopaths ever to hit American politics.”

    I think you’re going too easy on him . . .

  4. Del Avatar

    I love liberals like you!!! My best friend and I write to each other all day like this about these events…and we forward each other articles from different newspapers!

    I sound like a dork. However, I happened to stumble upon this site and decided to read a little. Andy and his friends (I’m assuming you are all friends and not just online buddies because you talk about places like Barry/Pine Grove as if everyone is in close contact) are great! I’m not sure if this site is meant for “strangers,” but I just had to get my post on here. It’s like “oh my god, all the cool kids are doing it!” (and I don’t even live in the burbs) 🙂

  5. chris Avatar

    for those of you who missed out on all four exciting nights of the RNC, this sums it up

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