Bush Hijacks MLK Memorial

Icon from Nation Civil Rights MuseumGeorge W. Bush, champion of civil rights and equality for all (if you’re straight,
white, male, American and rich), suddenly decided to land down in Atlanta to
lay a wreath on the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King (and then off to an Atlanta
fundraiser). He’ll
be displacing other celebrations planned
, including one just aross the street
at Ebenezer Baptist Church hosting an all-day program on human rights. The Secret
Service wants them out by 2 PM – they say they’re not leaving. The program is
being organized by men
and women who actually worked with King
while Georgie was just beginning
his career as an alcoholic cocaine-addled daddy’s boy.






3 responses to “Bush Hijacks MLK Memorial”

  1. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    need to be in Politics

    I fuckin’ hate him.

  2. Whitney Deal Avatar
    Whitney Deal

    You all nedd JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. whitney Deal Avatar
    whitney Deal

    Give up your all to Jesus and live to be his expression no matter where you are be a witness to a lost soul out there aight………………

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