Bush Approval Ratings Hit New Low: 33%

And we’re back in Nixon territory:

Meanwhile, the president’s approval rating has fallen to a new all-time low for the Newsweek poll: 33 percent, down from an already anemic 36 percent in August. Only 25 percent of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the country, while 67 percent say they are not.


Can the parties pin the blame on their opponents? Can they pin it on not just a candidate or figurehead but on an entire party – or even more damaging – an entire perspective and worldview?

As long as this translates to "A few bad apples." or "This really isn’t conservativism." or "It’s a yadda-yadda conspiracy." no one gets nothin’.







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  1. andrew Avatar

    Hey, my name is Earle Watkinz. I cum from a red state somewhere. Hear is what I think of President Bush over the last year:

    Jan 06: gas is $2.00 a gallon. “Hey, he’s OK. Doin’ the best he kin”

    Jun 06: gas is $2.99 a gallon. “This President sucks. I cain’t believe I got to pay that much to fill up my Dodge truck!”

    Nov. 06: gas is $2.00 a gallon. “I give him pretty high marks. I’m pretty happy. Gas is not that expensive. Who cares about the rest of the world?”

  2. J.J. Avatar

    I saw this comment today about the new film, “Death of a President”, which depicts the murder of Dubya in Chicago:

    “I think it’s sad that he’s such a lousy president that we have to make a movie like this to get it out of our system.”

    Have you seen it yet, Andy?

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