Bunny Suicides

The Terminator sees a bunny with a death-wish: wearing a Sarah Connor t-shirt.

A collection of comics of silly rabbits meeting their demise.

Update: They’re from this book.






36 responses to “Bunny Suicides”

  1. lol Avatar

    well funny

  2. snigglefritz Avatar

    so disturbing it’s funny

  3. niftygraphics Avatar

    Book 2 gave me tears of joy

  4. Katherine Avatar

    I think that your book of bunnys is so great it shows the true meaning that bunnys can even get tired of life!!

  5. tia Avatar

    its like suck a cool book i dont mind readin it when im down poor bunnys u gotta love em

  6. lewis evans Avatar
    lewis evans

    i thought it was one of the most funnyest books i have looked at in my life.

  7. Nuurakh Avatar

    Haha! I love the Bunny Suicides! I recently bought “The Return of Bunny Suicides,” and my favorite one is the one where the bunny is taking a cheese grater to his head! They’re the best!

  8. taylor Avatar

    i was reading the book in queit store and started laughing hysterecly by myself lol it was so funny

  9. Natalie Avatar

    love it. never seen anything more funny. and also something that pissed of house-going-wifes (long story) anyway.
    this book rules!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Cori Avatar

    Nothing better than tragic humor the brighten the wost day.

  11. jackie Avatar

    my friend has been having suicide probs in her family and is strongly against animal cruelty, and even she thought it was bloody hilarious! sumone send this to rove please!

  12. Bunny hater Avatar
    Bunny hater

    I hate bunnies, hence the name….THe bunny suicides was a funny way to vent.

  13. bunny lover killer Avatar

    OMG i love bunny comics soooo much!!! U should like make 10000 of them!!

  14. bunny death is funny Avatar

    my favorite was the stainer 1 can u say *squirt*

  15. Shadix Avatar

    It makes me smile when I see books like this, bad art collection style comics of tragic humor are too rare in this day and age. I saw the sequel in a big cardboard display at Barnes and Noble and was too tempted to keep walking past, I ended up buying both volumes after laughing loud enough to disturb the people in the coffee section. Awesome job! Just looking around a room or turning through the channels must send ideas through your head like crazy, so I say keep them coming!!!

  16. (Nameless) Avatar


  17. person Avatar

    there really funny!

  18. gobldegoop Avatar

    it was so funny i was speech less

  19. lollytheclown Avatar

    I honestly laughed till I cried. I want to go and get the books.

  20. Jack Avatar

    These Bunnys R proper funny. i have recently got the poster. i like the computer cddrive when he trys 2 strangle himself! Priceluss!

  21. Blue Lightning Avatar
    Blue Lightning

    Hey, Andy Riley, why not making more books about it? I almost died of laughing with the first book, and the 2nd is one of the funniest I have ever read ;).

  22. Reatard Avatar


  23. Reatard Avatar

    Hi I like this picture because its the HIZI

  24. alex Avatar

    your a butthead

  25. poo Avatar


  26. ppl at school that should b doin work Avatar

    hello we r in an i.t. lesson at school and should b doin work, but were not. so we thought we’d g on this instead, beats work!

  27. hunter Avatar

    Hey the books are soo awesome. only I hope it doesn’t give bunnies ideas

  28. jamez Avatar

    wats up homies

  29. jamez Avatar

    have you noted that bunnys do that shit right

  30. david. Avatar

    omg sooo funny! haha i love Little Britain & i did some research on Andy Riley & discovered The Bunny Suicides. i ordered the books & have since cried from laughing several times..& made some friends do the same.

    i can’t even begin to pick favourites. they’re all clever in a wonderfully morbid way. 😉

  31. Jamie Avatar

    Classic. I love the book. I recently read the return of the bunny suicides and i loved it. i love the one where the bunny has the record in his mouth and runs into the wall 😀

  32. funny Avatar


  33. luke Avatar

    hah ha ha ha ha ha hah ha hah ha ha ha ha ha hah ha hah ha ha ha ha ha hah ha hah ha ha ha ha ha hah ha

  34. soad Avatar

    reading these things are my fav way to vent anger, one more reasen to keep these lil bunnies to yourself

  35. remmy Avatar

    i found these on the internet and i busted out laughing. by the way im in the library, and our librarian just gave me a look. bye

  36. Anna Qin Avatar
    Anna Qin

    so funny! i first saw it when someone brought it to school. then i read it many more time in book stores. it made me laugh everytime!

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