Brigitte is on a tirade

Brigitte is on a tirade on her blog about the word ‘moist’ so in Google I searched for ‘hate the word moist’: Some excerpts and results:

HATE: Moist. Treats. Moist treats. Ick.

I hate moist also…it’s my 2nd most hated word, “cream” comes in third.

I noticed that every single cake mix box, from all manufacturers, featured the word MOIST in large print.

“moist”. I hate the word “panties”…undergarments, underwear, gaunch…anything but…argh!

Soiled: This should be self-explanatory. It’s just gross. Moist: Has something to do with soilage. Nasty.

all time least favourite word: moist

Brigitte I think we’re on to something.

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