Bounce back.

It is so funny that after such a downer post as yesterday that I seem to bounce back up again. I had one client at my group session today downtown so I got to do some one-on-one work. I talked a little bit too much but did get the client into a nice ‘yeah baby’ place of talking about what they really wanted to do with their life after being a lawyer for over 17 years – they wanted to be a chef! Did great on client-coach connection but need to gab a little less next time – probably mitigated when I have more people in the session. Plus, I met one of the trainers and he was talking how he wants to train short guys to gain muscle – I told him if he wants to trade coaching for training I’m up for it.

Ron comes home on Saturday – I will be happy to see him – I miss him.

One of the bosses was gone today so we all had a ball at work today. Even went out for pizza at lunch. Mike has this stick of faintly saying in a high pitched squeal eeecheee eeecheee eeecheee and doing the universal symbol for ‘I’m so excited about my job that I’m masturbating’ at the same time. It’s really funny. Because it will be really quiet and you’ll hear eeecheee eeecheee eeecheee. Totally kills me.

I feel so good when I’m coaching – my anxiety evaporates. It’s the same feeling I have when I”m directing a play – totally tuned in to intuition.

Working today with tolerations – I had some really good petty ones:

  • dress socks that never match
  • stained white t-shirts that I can’t wear without feeling cheap
  • dress shoes that hurt my ankle

Besides the obvious job stuff – I had a lot of lifeshit that I need to clear out of the way.






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