Bob Edwards Leaves NPR

The news of Bob Edwards leaving NPR has been bubbling around for a week or
so now. WNYC’s On the Media has an interview with Bob: RealAudio
| transcript.
I will never forget when the Lewinsky story broke and out of all the news outlets,
Clinton talked to Bob and (I can’t remember her name) in an immediate exclusive






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  1. Tim Z. Avatar

    I’ll never forget Edwards’ live coverage of the events of 11 September 2001.
    He stayed calm at a time when nobody, even the commander-in-chief, was really sure what was going on. I did turn on the TV, but left the sound off while continuing to listen to NPR.
    You can hear Edwards’ professionalism on that morning here…

    continued here…

    I think that the coverage starts about 12 minutes after the south tower was hit.

    Please forgive me for being a little off topic, but when looking up those URLs for NPR on 9/11 I rediscovered a simple poem, written by a woman who used to work for Aon Corp., high in the south tower.
    She was late getting to work on the 11th because she had voted in the NYC Democratic primary.

    More on the Morning Edition Disaster

    Ok, I know, I go on about this a lot. And maybe I shouldn’t. But the whole thing is d*mned annoying, and I’m still fired up about it. Thoughts on how this will resolve, and what needs to be done.

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