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Terrance tagged me so I’m answering these questions… I tag Sam and Jake and Madge:

If we are single or in a monogamous relationship?

In a monogamous relationship.

How long we have been with our partner/significant other/boy/girlfriend?

4 years on September 3rd.

How we met?

I saw him come into the Caribou Coffee shop on Broadway and Aldine. Saw his smile, his arms and his handsome eyes. He was reading Margaret Cho’s book – I’d just finished it – that was my in.

What we like to do together?

Go to the gym (though we train separately because we bicker to much together), rent movies, play with my cat…

If we are single, what life with our ideal spouse/partner would look like?




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3 responses to “Blogger's Meme”

  1. sam Avatar

    OMG, I’ve been tagged. I’d like to thank myself for all the little things I’ve done to make this possible!

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  3. Jake Avatar

    “play with my cat…”


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