Bill to Repeal 22nd Amendment

I totally knew this was coming – though maybe not in this context.

House Resolution HJ RES 24 To repeal the 22nd Amendment that prevents Presidents from running for more than 2 terms.

Democratic Whip Hoyer is responsible for this one – is he trying to force the Republicans to burn out their political goodwill? (sorta like how Democrats had re-introduced the draft legislation)

Co-sponsored by America’s Sweetheart Jim “This PATRIOT Act hearing is over because I say so.” Sensenbrenner.







4 responses to “Bill to Repeal 22nd Amendment”

  1. myke Avatar

    maybe he’s doing it so bush & clinton could each run again — against each other. imagine the humiliation (& rage) the repubs would feel if bush ii were turned out of office by the same man who turned out his father. personally, though, i think repealing the 22nd is a bad bad idea. the one branch of government that needs term limits is the executive .. it is what keeps that branch from leaning the nation toward a monarchy. or having someone in office for so long that they damage the nation and their own legacy (ala Jacque Chirac of France)

  2. palochi Avatar

    Between making “public relations disaster poster boy” Howard Dean the chairman of their party, thinking John Kerry ever had a chance in hell of winning the big chair in the White House, and ridiculous proposals like this one to change the U.S. Constitution (after they whined and moaned and bitched and screamed bloody rebellion when GOP leaders suggested it several times last year), I just want to know one thing:

    Is the Democratic party TRYING to commit political suicide?

  3. Dunner Avatar

    I don’t think there is any possible way that this would pass by the time the 2008 election rolls around. Martin Sabo, congressman from the wonderfully liberal Minneapolis district, is a co-sponsor, too. Interesting…

  4. Susan Avatar

    “Is the Democratic party TRYING to commit political suicide?”

    Maybe the mere suggestion IS to generate outrage and force the public to speak loudly…To unite against a 3rd term…To impeach before a 3rd term is possible…
    Could be reverse pyschology.

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