Bill Frist is a Stupid Asshole

Dunner – who I think is a fellow brother-in-rage – caught a recent swatch of Stephanopolous:

STEPHANOPOULOS: […] Do you believe that tears and sweat can transmit HIV?

FRIST: I don’t know. I can tell you …

STEPHANOPOULOS: You don’t know?

FRIST: I can tell you things like, like …

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, wait, let me stop you, you don’t know that, you believe that tears and sweat might be able to transmit AIDS?

FRIST: Yeah, no, I can tell you that HIV is not very transmissible as an element like, compared to smallpox, compared to the flu. It is not, but the first slide, because I think it’s dangerous to show that and then sort of walk away.







3 responses to “Bill Frist is a Stupid Asshole”

  1. Dunner Avatar

    I’ve been trying to tone it down lately, but for a guy who should obviously know better to say something like that the same week as World AIDS Day just pissed me right off.

    These people have no spines. The choices are to laugh, get angry, or cry…I’m trying to decide which to do.

  2. kc Avatar

    Hey, give him a break. It’s not like he’s a doctor or anything . . .

  3. lc Avatar

    lamps are funny.

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