Bill Clinton, Peter Jennings Interview

Paula Zahn just said:

Do you think the press went too far in going with unsubstantiated rumors?

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  1. Carl Peigh Avatar
    Carl Peigh

    The “media” should NEVER print or pass onward any information they have NOT confirmed as true and accurate.
    Carl Peigh

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    President William Jefferson Clinton was right on target and any American who has been half awake in the last 20 years understood everything he addressed. He addressed each issue with as much class as possible for a man. I hope Americans see what they have as an example of a WORLD leader with President Clinton as apposed to his moral mistakes… No one died when Clinton Lied. How has re-election replaced impeachment?? How is it that a week after the election the Falkins, Chaney is seriously ill, Powell steps down. We are setting ourselves up to no opposition and the current administration is aligning itself with “Like Thinkers” which is to be feared as how do we insure safety if we are not willing to hear the dissenting voice? Americans are set up for equal representation, who represents the 48% of Americans that did not re-elect this administration?

  3. J Bland Avatar
    J Bland

    If you look back at other administrations, it is not uncommon for cabinant members to change for a second term. Bill Clinton was a pathetic President. The economy was not due to him in the 90′, it was due to the technology boom. So, Bill Clinton was not an excetional President and very sorry moralistically. You people are digging a deeper hole by continuing to talk bad about President Bush and keeping Bill Clinton in for forefront.

  4. David Avatar

    The naivete’ of the liberal left never ceases to amaze me, including that of their “heroes,” namely, Clinton himself. In the now-famous interview with Jennings, the shamed ex-president tells Jennings “you don’t have any example…where I have let the American people down.” Exsqueeze me, Mr. Clinton??

    I beg to differ. You let the military down, you let our country’s and the world’s intelligence community down, and let’s face it, you let your trousers down…on MY taxpayer’s time clock. More importantly, you let down the families of slain sailors (USS Cole), the families of slain embassy workers (Africa), and families of slain government employees (Oklahoma City) in your inept and futile admistrative policy on terrorism. You let down the entire country with your administration’s shortsightedness in labor market and economic forecasting by infused overconfidence in an already-overinflated technology market (which came crashing down HARD in 1999), leaving a new administration the ardent task of rebuilding.

    You love bragging about your “popularity” with the American people…but let’s face it, Mr. Clinton, if you were HALF as popular as you claimed at the time you left office, wouldn’t the American people have elected your vice-president by an overwhelming margin? And how about the candidates you campagined for here in 2004? EVERY candidate for whom you appeared LOST…democratic incumbent senators in Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania lost their seats, not to mention your friend Tom Daschle in South Dakota. See? You were even poison for the senate minority LEADER.

    You brag of “world support,” while ignoring your feeble support here at home: In neither one of your elections were you voted into office by a majority of the people. Thanks to Ross Perot, you “squeaked by” in both 1992 and 1996. Your predecessor, Bush “41,” was elected by a virtual landslide on the merit of his predecessor, Ronald Reagan. Your successor, Bush “43” has just been re-elected by the largest number of votes in American history, and you want to talk about “world support”? Do what all good husbands and fathers do upon retirement…worry about supporting your FAMILY, whom you let down most of all by your despicable and embarrasing mistakes. Oh, but wait…better not support your wife in her presidential bid in 2008…let’s face it; as chronicled above, candidates who seek YOUR support don’t exactly meet with success, now do they?

    On a final note, I think people are unfair to you when they call you “slick Willy”…you weren’t exactly “slick” (otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten CAUGHT); I prefer a more apt nickname for you, namely, “the mistake between the BUSHES.”

  5. Don Avatar

    I believe that Bill Clinton was probabaly the best president this country ever had. The economy was due largely to his influence despite the misinformed person who has responded to this.

  6. Brita Tarrant Avatar
    Brita Tarrant

    I was so completely impressed by Bill Clinton I’m speechless. He handled himself so masterfully that I almost felt sorry for Peter Jennings. His response on his “moral presidential rating” was flawless. Oh if he could only run again!

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