Big Day

Today could be a very big day.

I’m doing a preview call for a course I’m starting in two weeks on keywords research and search engine optimization. I think it is really going to be fun. Yesterday was very busy, setting the stage as it were. Getting preliminary salespages up, getting the teleconference logistics figured out, the shopping cart and ecommerce system at the ready, a few emergencies around 1am last night but for the most part everything is on track. We maxed out our initial teleconference line so I had to do an emergency move over to a different service.

I know that I’m not supposed to cultivate this urgency but it is absolutely thrilling – it’s the same as staging a show. You want to ensure the pacing is good, as people come in to the space they are welcomed as they leave they feel like they’ve gotten some value.
We had about 119 and people signed up for the preview yesterday and then I sent out a reminder to my newsletter – with the wrong URL! I had misspelled the domain for the signup and so immediately scrambled with GoDaddy to get the typo domain registered as well and have it forwarding to the correct place – while I’m getting dozens of truly friendly emails saying ‘Hey Andy you messed up!’ – and then I had to send out a corrected link to the newsletter in case the DNS update didn’t happen immediately and I think that got me a lot of email unsubscribes, but that’s okay. This is of course why I need the interns – they think I’m a bit nutters for having managed all of this by myself so far.

So I got all of that sent out and we had 119 people signed up. Now we have 415. I am absolutely stunned. And they are rabid asking all manner of questions about what they want to learn in this course. Very exciting. I threw Ron out of the house early evening so I could do an update call with Darren and then I set to work doing all the setup for today. Finally at 1am I had finished my outline for today’s call and tumbled into bed with kitty dejectedly wondering why I was focused on something else for a change.

The call is at high noon my time and it could turn out to be a very profitable day. Like big steak dinner big day.

I really never thought I’d enjoy marketing this much. I think the mental shift for me was that it is about creating and cultivating relationships – like the return customers my parents would get at the crafts fairs coming to talk to that family with the Weebles Wobbels last name that makes the handwoven rugs. I know all the heavy-handed stuff I could be doing that would probably work if I didn’t want to treat my clients with the best possible care. I’m experimenting today with a lot of new skills I’ve learned and I think it will be exciting to see what works. I’m trying to not count my chickens before the egg opens (as Ron chides) but I’m pretty damn thrilled.






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  1. Linda Avatar

    This is great! I can’t wait to read your “after” post. Tell kitty not to despair, there’s tuna in it for him.

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