Beyond Teflon

I don’t know what to do but laugh. The man does exactly the opposite of what he says he does and yet people buy it, support it and breathe it as if it were the oxygen that sustained their very existence. When he says “we’ve increased funding for…” I automatically assume that it means the funding has been cut, and rightly so. Check out the new budget.

President Bush will propose a 2006 budget Monday that, despite record spending of about $2.5 trillion, will call for billions of dollars in cuts that will touch people on food stamps and farmers on price supports, children under Medicaid and adults in public housing.

About one-third of the programs being targeted for elimination are in the Education Department…

Yes, despite record spending, there are cuts to some of the most important domestic programs. Just like Fred Phelps, I am beginning to think that Bush, too, hates America. I dismissed former claims that he was trying to ignite what he believed was the Biblical apocalypse, but now I have to wonder. Whatever his motivations, I do now believe now that his sole intent is to destroy the fabric of our society. I’m convinced of it. Believing anything less is to underestimate the Neocons, and I did that once already by assuming they wouldn’t be in power now.

He’s already divided us on just about every issue imaginable. That’s probably the first step. The second step would be to cut as much domestic spending as possible (the massive tax cuts make this possible – even feasible). The ultimate goal of the tax cuts, cuts in domestic spending (most importantly education, you know, to keep the people stoopid) and massive increases in defense spending is ultimately to exacerbate class warfare, possibly even institute a sort of caste system over time. Speaking of warfare, there’s a passage somewhere in 1984 about how the purpose of war isn’t “good” versus “evil,” but rather to control minds by facilitating and nurturing popular hatred. I currently don’t know how many hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in Iraq to help bankrupt America beyond repair, but apparently it wasn’t enough. I am assuming that’s why BushCo concocted the idea of Social Security “reform” at a cost of $2 trillion, and if that doesn’t go through, there will be war with Iran. Possibly both no matter what.

All things considered, it’s working quite nicely for them. The chances of the SS overhaul are slim to none (again, don’t underestimate the enemy), but even so it doesn’t leave the nation in any better shape. I don’t know what to do about it in the meantime other than try to help progressive candidates get into office, but like Terrance, I am going to take 5 to gloat in the faces of those who brought this upon themselves: *points and laughs* Yew r stoopid!!1!

Regardless of whether or not anything sticks to Bush, the man has to go in one way or another.






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  1. Robulousity Avatar

    Gotta love it, Bush says he is all for veterns yet is cutting vetern’s medical coverage. Making them pay for more medication and doctor’s bills.

  2. Geo Deeming Avatar

    The boob is trying to set up America as a corporation with everyone a serf to the company. It’s a return to the late 19th century where you worked three jobs just to stay ahead and as Prez Boobalicious sez, “working three jobs is ‘uniquely American’ “…
    (quote from Bush while talking with Ms Mary Mornin – audience participant – & divorced mother of three children, one of which is a mentally challenged boy in Omaha, Nebraska – 1 February, 2005)

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