Best Place to Eat

Sitting here on the bed. Ron is surfing images of commercial airplanes. Astro is to my right. Downy is sleeping in Ron’s suitcase outin the living room. We went to the gym this morning. Did chest and triceps. Did very light weights with high number of repetitions. Then we came home and showered and went to the Castro neighborhood and went to the Best Place to Eat. I’m not joking. It says that right on the wall. The real title of the joint is ‘Dim Sum to Go’ but they reneg on that and there’s a small counter on the wall with stools the look like big springs with cushions on them. But the name ‘dim sum to go’ is just the brand. When you go inside, on the marquee they have in fancy script:


So that’s that.

Luckily it is a pretty good place to eat. I had orange chicken and sesame chicken which is kinda like eating candy with your meat. Very nummy.

We walked around for a bit. Bought some orchid food and NO-XPLODE and then came home for a nap. By then the jets were finishing up their sets and we could slumber with the other two mammals in the house.






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  1. Dan Rugs Avatar
    Dan Rugs

    i saw that place as we were walking to your apartment..nice to keep the local business in business…

  2. Hex Avatar

    Reading this post has made me crave dim sum. Sadly, there is no where nearby where I can get any, especially not at this hour of the night.

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