Best Buy to Toyota

So Alan is minding his own business, selling entertainment centers at Best Buy. He’s become one of the highest selling reps in the region and has started training the holiday staff as well. I always knew Alan could sell anything – he has that Ordinary Guy thing that tech-hungry husbands will respect and a Cassanova delivery that the wives won’t mind. Anyway, these two guys come in to buy a TV and entertainment center for an office at a car dealership. Alan sells them a sweet system and one of them hands him a business card and says, ‘You should be selling cars. Call this guy tomorrow and tell him I told you to come in.’ Alan looks down at the card and it’s the President of Toyota USA. Alan goes in the next day to interview and is hired on. He’s already sold one car and hasn’t even completed training. I think he’ll be fantastic at car sales. Yay Alan!






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