Beggar's Opera

I took myself out to dinner at Nookie’s last night since I couldn’t sleep. Had a spinach salad with roast chicken breast and raspberry vinaigrette. I forewent the bread and had them put it in a bag for me to take home. I wanted to give the small loaf of bread to the Streetwise sales guy that’s always at Walgreen’s in the evenings. He is such a smooth talker and always is super-friendly and knows the right things to say. He’s the one that called out to us: ‘There goes the best chest in Chicago!’ Of course, Ron thought he was talking about him. The other favorite is: ‘You guys are cookin’ tonight!’ Anyway – I walked to Walgreens and he wasn’t there. Walked to the Walgreens near my house and the usual guy wasn’t there. Walked to Blockbuster and the usual guy wasn’t there. Where’s the homeless when you need them?!

Ron’s gonna feel jilted that I bought shoes without him last night. I got some cool Adidas soccer shoes that were on sale. I’m not sure if wearing soccer shoes around town is bad for my feet or not but I like the way they feel. The rubber cleats seem to make the soles more flexible and they force my stride to be straight on – instead of my tendency to pronate.

Half-way through watching Scanners, the David Cronenberg film about super-psychics taking over civilization. You gotta love a movie where a man’s head explodes in the first 10 minutes. I watched the sequence frame by frame and it’s pretty good for the time the film was made.






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