Ran into Ray and Rey at the Melrose diner and we were talking about movies that make us cry. Evidently, Ray and I are the saps that tear up at movies – he said he starts sniffling just watching Oprah (most recently when a young girl met Condi Rice, her hero for proving to her that geeky black girls can grow up to be intelligent and powerful women). I know I’ve been chided for this before – but I am listening to Freddie Mercury’s pop opera song Barcelona, composed for the Olympics (or the World Cup?) a decade or so ago – I didn’t watch the games so I never got tired of the song. But something about it just moves me so deeply. My face warms and I get a little misty. Such beautiful and triumphant music.






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  1. leslie Avatar

    Hi Andy, I found your blog through QueerFilter and had to comment- I LOVE the Freddy Mercury/Montserrat Cabal duet from the Olympics. I used to have the CD, but it has disappeared. This is so cool. You’re the only other person I’ve run across that’s actually heard it. 🙂

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