Barbara Boxer is My New Girlfriend

Anybody else catch the steaming of the Rice? Boxer raked her over the goals – Kerry did alright too – though he still remains so damned long-winded. I don’t believe anything Condi Rice says at all. And the constant allusions to her special relationship with the President make me sort of disgusted. I’m thinkin it’s less she’s his lover than she’s a spitting image of Mother Barbara. Right? Don’t all the stories about what a stern, tough mom Barbara was kinda fit Condi’s angrier-than-you persona? And I loved all the callers on C-SPAN saying that she’ll have problems because she’s a woman and some countries don’t like women (not continuing their logic with the idea that probably those same countries don’t like blacks). And why should that affect things?

I am determined not to watch the premier of American Idol. Every year I say I’m not going to watch until the final four weeks because until then it’s too frustrating to watch the truly talented not make it and the hideously awful slip through (John Patrick Can’t-Sing-For-Shit and that Sinatra-Wannabe-Redhaired-Dork, I’m looking at you).

Good God, I just got up from a long winter’s nap. Kitty slept next to me the whole time. It is very cold out and very windy and I think I might go to the cafe to wake myself up.

Got my resume on Hotjobs, Dice and Monster today. My boss said he’d take a look at my resume for me. Going to the doc tomorrow to get all my prescriptions re-upped for another 3 months.

Got 2 web design gigs in the hopper already – one has the potential to be a slow-burn over time. Got a call today from a longtime coaching colleague that may have a web project management gig for me as well – probably wouldn’t materialize for a while. Plus, I still have one client in the UK that hasn’t been able to get payments to me for a completed project.

I had the humidifier going during my nap so I’ve got this tropical oasis feel to the air in here (accented by the relentless radiators).







13 responses to “Barbara Boxer is My New Girlfriend”

  1. sam Avatar

    AC360 had a great wrap-up of Condi’s talking points: we’re making progress, we are working, we need to pay attention to…, spread freedom/democracy/prosperity, and finally, good things. I <3 Barbara Boxer.

  2. JC Avatar

    I saw the replay on C-Span last night of Barbara Boxer giving Condi the business. It was amazing to watch!

  3. Dunner Avatar

    Whoa…something weird happened…didn’t mean to leave that sloppy post.

    Anyway, let’s just say I’m giddy with Babs as one of my senators and “Bulldog” Pelosi as my rep.

  4. Kris Avatar

    But we’ve already had a female Sec of State who was well-liked and fairly effective around the world.

    Oh, wait, I forgot Madeleine Albright also had charm. Sorry, Condi.

  5. John W Avatar

    Andy, if this was a deliberate pun, “Boxer raked her over the goals”, I’d rate it one of the best I’ve seen ever.
    It was also a pretty good critique.
    Congratulations either way.

  6. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Mais non, mon ami, homegirl Babs is MY Senator and she’s MY goldarned girlfriend! Get in line, Windy City Boy! The entire left hand of the left coast is falling down in praise of our Barbara – she’s stood up and said “No, I don’t think so, not on my watch.” so many times I’m losing count. And I’m SO proud of her recent performance on behalf of the People, I could just scream. The woman has balls of solid basalt. Thanks for the mention of Ms. Boxer – she’s pulled it out consistently for the last twenty-odd years for we fruits, nuts and rational-minded citizenry. Goddess Bless ‘er lil’ heart!

  7. Andy Avatar

    over the goals

    Aigh – my usual synonym bugaboo since I ‘hear’ what I write as I write it. But it sort of makes sense…

  8. RICH Avatar

    I thought that Baba did a fine job of discrediting herself..

    Between the “bulldog”‘, Franken- ah Feinstein, Baba and the omnipresent Maxine Waters and Laura Chick here in Lost Angeles,
    Cah lee fuh nee ah leads the nation in women politicians with funny last names,

  9. David Avatar

    Barbara is the MAN!

  10. Mumacita Avatar

    Barbara Boxer embarrassed herself and added further to the perception problem for Democrats who only grow increasingly unelectable sticking like an ostritch to the abberant far left agenda.

  11. maurie gee Avatar
    maurie gee

    I heard the “steaming of the rice”
    down here in Australia and I can
    only say: Barbara Boxer I love you!

  12. Sickmind Avatar

    Barbara Boxer is a DUMMY! I can’t believe she was re-elected. These DEMOCRATS that we have elected in California are going to be the downfall of our great state. We need to recall more of these DUMMY Democrats. We should have kept up the recalls after getting rid of the Govenor.

  13. Miguelito De San Diego Avatar
    Miguelito De San Diego

    I could not agree more about Boxer. She is incredible. She is a voice of truth and reason in this age of crooked, shifty, corporate, racist, evil grifters who run this country by every underhanded measure possible. I am proud to have her as my Senator. If only we had her in the White House instead of the Hee Haw clan of thieves. To any inbred goose-stepping fundamentalists who will write negative comments after this, I say this: THE TRUTH WILL BE EXPOSED. YOUR LAST GASP OF AIR IS ENDING. THE POWER GRAB IS TEMPORARY. YOUR MOVEMENT IS IN THE PAST.YOU PREHISTORIC RELICS OF SEGREGATION

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