Banning Gay Characters from Public Libraries

The UCC thing was corporate-censorship – this is plain old home-grown, state-sponsored book-burning censorship – in Alabama (of all places!):

Under the bill, literary works with gay characters or written by gay authors would be banned from pubic and school libraries. Textbooks that reference homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle also would not be allowed. Similarly, theater groups, such as those at public universities and schools, could not perform plays penned by gay authors or containing homosexuality-related subject matter “at a state-supported institution.”

Alright asshole – let’s take it to the limit:

Strip it all the way down. No music, architecture, paintings, sculpture, poetry… nothing.

Then tell me what you have left.

Or as Mark Potok, director of the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project says:

[The ban] would be removing a good portion of the classics of Western civilizations. So I think it’s a jackass proposal, to put it plainly.

Do we collect any stupid taxes in this country? We should.







4 responses to “Banning Gay Characters from Public Libraries”

  1. sam Avatar

    Would the Bible be banned? They claim it has 6 references to gay sex.

  2. Mike Avatar

    Well let’s try to get some perspective here. Alabama is one of the most backwards podunk states in the union. Even for a red state they’re pretty bad.

    Their state constitution still denies women the right to vote. It also requires segregation in schools (the proposal to desegregate was narrowly defeated this year). And until 2000, interracial marriage was prohibited. This is their SIXTH version of a constitution, and they still haven’t gotten it right.

    In summary, Alabama is STUPID. Thankfully, the U.S. Constitution overrides most of this insanity.

  3. Mike Avatar

    oh, and I almost forgot.


  4. louis revilla Avatar
    louis revilla

    The problem with Alabama is that it is merely a representation of what is taking place in this country. While Mr. Sam makes light of “banning the Bible” and Mr. Mike says “yeah, fuck Alabama” the folks who are really getting fucked are those of us with a little more education and a little more open minds.

    We can make light of this ALL we want, but the handwriting is on the wall. Every time we read a paper or hear the news, we are constantly finding ourselves manuevering from various onslaughts, most frequently stemming from right-wing/Christian lackeys, used as an army by an astute oligarchy.

    This ain’t no joke. Alabama is JUST another frontline. Unless you guys get active (I am just starting) then we ALL are in a “world of shit.” So the fact is, the Bible ain’t going nowhere and Alabama does not seem to mind its backwardness. BUT WE NEED TO LET THOSE FOLKS (not one another of like mind) what we think of their pious/narrow-minded, anything BUT Christianity.


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