Badass Cashier Confessions

From Reddit:

One day, a lady with a pale little girl came through my line, and said apologetically, “My daughter’s not feeling so well. so I'm kind of in a hurry.” She wasn’t mean about it, she just wanted to let me know. I was pretty fast anyway, so I sped up a little bit and started scanning and bagging. I chatted with Mom, and kept an eye on the little girl. Right as I hit the Total key, I saw the little girl’s chin start to quiver. I’m the second oldest of five kids with parents who worked a lot, so I know what a child who’s about to throw up looks like. I snatched a bag off of my register, snapped it open, and caught the puke in the bag in mid air, while telling Mom her total in a normal, unaffected voice. Mom’s jaw dropped. She looked at me, and said “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”I’d never been that badass before, and probably never will again.

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