Bad Seed, The (1956)

Bad Seed images.

I’m halfway through viewing The Bad Seed. I believe this started a long line of ‘evil children’ films. I think tomorrow night I’ll watch Village of the Damned. Then Children of the Corn.

It is funny that the movie is so obviously a direct adaptation of a play. Tons of exposition and everything can happen in one room.

I like when I get to watch a classic film but don’t know enough about it that I get to watch it without any spoilers.

Now I know why my parents were creeped out everytime I played Clair de Lune on piano.






2 responses to “Bad Seed, The (1956)”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    I wonder if people would be more careful about using birth control or not having sex at all if they watched evil children films. Personally, I did not watch them very often, when I did I just felt afraid to make friends with children that had pale skin and large eyes.

  2. Randy Avatar

    Want some trivia? The little girl (Patty McCormack) grew up to be on the “Three’s Company” spin-off series, “The Ropers”. She played the wife of the next door neighbor (Jeffrey Tambor).

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