Back to Stonewall

Ron worked the flight from Chicago to San Fran and then Burbank and back. He said the plane was packed with same-sex couples flying in to San Fran to take advantage of this brief window in history where we edged towards equal civil rights for everybody. He said there was the cutest white-asian lesbian couple and they were so excited and talkative: “We’re number 56!” That’s so darned cool.

A great side-affect of all this publicity is the tons of photographs of happy same-sex couples – contrastring greatly to a redneck’s view of disease-ridden, child-raping, sodomizing filthmongers.

I forgot who said it but I’d read someone comparing the coming storm over the marriages in San Francisco as perhaps another defining moment in GLBT civil rights. It truly is exciting, you have to admit that. That a renegade mayor has opened up the floodgates and over 2500 couples have had the occasion to declare their commitment in a public ceremony. And the icon of Del and Phyllis (see previous entry) in an embrace that encapsulates their history as wives and warriors and now having seen part of their life’s mission become a reality – if only for a few days before Governor Arnold tears it all back down again.

If you want to defend the sanctity of marriage and feel that couples are the way to go to strengthen the economy and family foundation of this country – then wouldn’t we want as many people as possible to be in loving, joined and committed relationships. You want to strengthen marriage – let’s bring back outlawing adultery. Let’s punish whoring husbands and cuckolding wives. If you really feel it is the government’s business to tell two adults who the hell they are and what their rights are – than let’s go whole hog.

I keep seeing the analog of inter-racial marriage in all of these debates. The quoting of the Bible and the constant reference that it’s just unnatural (you have heard about the two male penguins? They’ve been in a committed pairing for four years and adopted a baby). Air travel is unnatural. Charging interest on a loan is a grave sin according to the Bible.

I think it’s the tendency of every time period to see their interesting times as a turning point. But it truly is astounding to see the conflict gripping the nation in so many places all at one time. I just hope that equality and equity win out in the end. Once we get this asshole out of the White House (of course, they’re just gonna come back with Jeb in 2008).






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  1. Richard Evans Lee Avatar

    Just so you know I came to read the entry because the quoted text on Queerfilter is “may you love in interesting times.” Since I couldn’t find it I finally viewed the page’s source. Don’t know if that is a bug or feature.

    Love your site !

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