Back at work – awaiting

Back at work – awaiting my temps – I have two sisters – Jazzy and Felicia working with me this week to get some work done. I was suppoed to have a process map to a web design client a today – I have to work on that at work today. Argh! Went running this morning… Brigitte, Karen, her brother Jerome and I went to Zephyr for late night Valentine’s Day treats – three of us had the sundaes they call ‘Birth of a Nation.’ One day I want to try and conquer the one called ‘War of the Worlds’ – a ten scoop sundae. Yumm.

Had rehearsal tonight – began delving into Worms, my meditation on mass consumption and human devolution – it is interesting how much more current the play seems now than when it was written – nearly five years ago. Then we went into Bared Soles and have started honing traffic patterns and I let them run through the whole thing once just to get a sense of the rhythm of the plays. God I love this.

I just realized what an awesome pick-up line: ‘I got some plays coming up’ is. It makes me sound like such a bad-ass. Oh yeah, I’m producing plays. Oh yeah, I directed them. Oh and did I mention I wrote them as well? Oh yeah – well just go over to for more information. I’ll be sure to give you a postcard and a coupon for $2 off tix.






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