In the ‘Awesom-O’ episode of South Park, Cartman is found to have dressed up Britney Spears and dances with a cardboard cut-out of Justin Timberlake.

Would you like to touch my body?
Come on and touch my body!
Oooo, my hot body!
Don’t you like my hot body?
Come on and touch my titties!

I found an audio for your entertainment. Look for touchmybody.mp3.






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  1. […] e — rhetboi @ 11:09 pm

    Again for Andy, who found the sound file, but not the video. I’ve been dowloading from the DVR all night to clear it off. I figured I’d […]

  2. Will Avatar

    I’ve been playing with the video capture again, Andy, and I’ve uploaded the clip of Cartman . . .

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