AT&T Laptop Connect Card

I hate hate hate these commercials. Is the internet really that hard to find? No. It is in every hotel and coffeeshop and airpot I’ve been around in the past week and a half. And the guy’s accent really is annoying. Ugh.

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  1. Perhaps to an urbanite accessiblity is “everywhere”. However, I live in a rural area where we have no coffee shops, airports let alone hotels. So this is an ideal answer to having access to the web via my notebook.

  2. For those who never venture from the city limits or travel to the coners of the world without coffee shops and sticky buns internet is easy to find…. some of us have no use for the city or whats inside it. Think about it. If that guys voice bothers you, then just get up off the couch at that point and get another bowl of ice cream or somthing! Dork.

  3. Hey dummy, you are living in the most “wired” city in America. Not everyone does. There are plenty of areas where wireless is expensive at best, and often scarce to non-existent.

    Go order another latte during the commercial and quit your griping!

  4. I guess this is a stupid question so please forgive me but I’m desperate! I live in an area that dosen’t allow me to have any dsl,broadband etc…I’m way up in the Smoky mountains with a frustrating slow dial up modem. Can I somehow use this att &t laptop connect card up here?…. or do I have to have the broadband in my home to be able to use this connect card..Thanks Pinkie

  5. I don’t always have access to the internet from my car out on an interstate, so this card is the best thing for me instead of riding around looking for a connection somewhere, a big waste of time. If the commercial bothers you, switch the channel, and consider yourself lucky that you ALWAYS have internet connections close by. Others do not have it so easy.

  6. I’m waiting for someone to answer pinkies question?
    I also am stuck in a remote area without high speed.
    It’s hard to go from fast computers at work to dial up at home. We can get satellite but it’s soooo expensive. What is this at&t thing? I’ve been waiting to buy a new notebook until I could get high speed because I didn’t see the point of having a great computer with slow surfing and downloading.
    Any info anyone?

  7. Hey, the thing that is irritating about the commercial is that it suggests that all you need to connect is the “card”. Doesn’t there have to be a receiver of some type? – a dsl router, cell phone tower, communications satilite, rabiit ears… something..??? It just doesn’t give any useful information. Do you suppose this is just a ploy to get us to call some 800 number to get a sales pitch?

  8. I thought the same thing…thought it must be going through a satellite or something till I saw Diamond head and Honolulu off to the left of the plane and realized he’s standing in a big city.

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