Ate like it was my

Ate like it was my fucking job last night. Karen and Brigitte and Karen’s brother Jerome and I went to Yoshi’s. It was very very yummy. We had spicy tuna and california roll sushi for appetizers followed by house salads with one of the best vinaigrettes I’ve ever tasted… I had broiled chicken legs with potatos and (of course) lots and lots of bread. Karen had the lamb shank. There was much giggling over the word ‘shank’ so now that is on the same list as moist, nipple, wipe and shaft.

Pretty much secured a performance space for the one-acts – Strawdog theatre. I love casting people just by calling them up. I felt like Santa Claus calling people up and saying: ‘you wanna be in a play?’ It was fun. No auditions. No callbacks. Just a quick telethon and your play is cast.

Had breakfast with Carolina and talked acting – that was really fun. It makes me realize how much I do know what I’m talking about.

Had a good massage yesterday – it was an off week – just a normal massage. I was asking the massage therapist, Patrick, when I should try and get my tonsillectomy and he said the best would be after “Session 7. That’s when I actually go inside the mouth.” WHAT?!!!! Luckily I was face down in the toilet seat-like face cushion on the table. I was howling with laughter on the inside – wait till I tell Brigitte and Karen! Go inside the mouth. Not “my mouth.” Or “your mouth.” Or “Andy’s mouth.” The Mouth. I just kept picturing him sticking his fist in my mouth much like Brigitte can (not inside my mouth though, her own, it’s her special skill). I wonder if he uses latex gloves – or is it like bare-mouthing?? Ick. It’s like I’m expecting him to say – oh and in session 8 I give you a high colonic and massage your asshole. Good God. Hopefully the mouth is as invasive as it gets. I say bring it on. I feel like I’m re-aligning everything that sorta spilled out all last year. Getting it all in gear.

Richard came over on Saturday. I gave him all of his clothes back. I told him I was tempted to sell them on eBay – “Hot Asian Hunk Stud’s Pants and Underwear.”

Work is fun today. I’m getting to nag the shit out of people with email. I’m trying to get stuff tied up from last year with all these surveys that got sent out for different people to different people. And four or five managers are getting most of the email. They are so gonna hate me. Hee hee… nothing like some subtle e-terrorism to keep Monday light and fluffy like my banna french toasts I had for breakfast yesterday.

Just had a smoked turkey sandwich and I misunderstood the sandwich-maker – I thought he said ‘mozarella’ when he just sorta morphed ‘mayonaisse/mustard’ into one word. I got upstairs and scraped off most of the mayo and I’d been quick enough to stop him before I got moutarded.






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