Atari E. T.

Realized I totally forgot to chronicle the night that dad, Heather and I got E. T. home. We had the Atari 2600 game that was such a failure that season that it later was dumped into landfills. But I think mom was just coming in the driveway with Moby Dick’s fish (we nearly always ate fish on Friday – we called it ‘dick-burgers’) and we had spent over an hour playing the game. And finally we got E. T. home. The ship came down and he ascended into the heavens to sit at the right hand of the Lord. We were hugging and screaming and laughing we were so overjoyed.

And the deep fried breaded fish was wonderful.






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  1. BigSis Avatar

    I still remember the sound of him walking from screen to screen (taka tuk taka tuk taka tuk) and the sound when he’d fall into the damned holes in the ground. What in the hell were those supposed to be?

    “Dick-Burgers”? You have to explain that to me sometime

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