Are you an Infomaniac?

I’m working on a new ecourse/teleclass and figured I might as well invite my blog-folk!

You’ve probably heard of RSS or news aggregators or any of the umpteen other inconsistent names for the idea of how to automate your websurfing.

I like to think of RSS as having your own unpaid NYU intern chained in the basement that constantly surfs your favorite websites and coughs up a summary for you whenever you want. But that would defy the Geneva Conventions.


I’m piloting an ecourse on the topic to show you how you can be a raging infomaniac!

You’ll learn:

  1. What RSS is and how it works.
  2. How newsfeeds can transform the way you do online research.
  3. How you can be the first to know anything about anyone (including yourself).
  4. How to use a news aggregator to reclaim your inbox.
  5. The possibilities of RSS for marketing and business building.

It’s fuh-fuh-fuh-FREE since it’s a pilot and will be delivered via
email, blog and teleclass.

I hope you’ll join me…

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3 responses to “Are you an Infomaniac?”

  1. myke Avatar

    Are tests going to be given? Will a valedictorian be given like a plaque or somethin’??? 😉

  2. Andy Avatar

    Nope – it’s mostly self-guided, self-tested. I’m not an accredited instructor – I only play one on TV.

  3. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    good Luck!!

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