Apartment Hunting Complete

Ron came in for the weekend. Well really just Saturday. The snowstorm that came across the coast on Friday screwed up a lot of plans. The seminar team at work was in Atlanta ending a 2-day seminar and the Atlanta airport shut down (this is after several attendees coming thru Dallas couldn’t make it) and so they had to charter a driver to bring them back to Charlotte.

Ron couldn’t get direct to CLT so he went thru ORD (O’Hare) and spent several hours trying to get out of there and was one of the last flights to CLT as the snow made its way to Charlotte. It was surprising very snowy. Several inches. Luckily it wasn’t as chilly as it was earlier in the week. He eventually got in around 9pm. We ended up getting a pizza and sitting home.

Saturday we got up and went apartment hunting. For now we’ve settled on the same building where the temporary apartment is that I’m staying in. It is super-posh and way too fancy. But our concept of rent pricing is a bit skewed from San Francisco so we’re going to go for a 1-bedroom on the third floor.

It is easy to make lots of jokes about ‘the South’ and rednecks and living in this part of the country and I think that it is important to remember that many people are just as weary of that kind of thinking that grew up here as those that come in here for work. One of my co-workers exclaimed: ‘You’re going to move here? There’s no culture! But luckily you’ve got the entire Eastern seaboard of cities if you want to go catch a play or something.’ Our visits to a few restaurants over the weekend proved my case. It isn’t all hayseed central – and yes I know I’m a classist elitist asshole for thinking as such – lots of people are here from all over.






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