Anti-Gay Rally Starts at Dr. King's Tomb

Gay rights activists are denouncing an anti-gay-marriage march that starts near the tomb of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. as an effort to hijack the slain civil rights leader’s legacy. The march, set for Saturday, December 11, is being organized by the predominantly black 25,000-member New Birth Missionary Baptist Church of suburban Atlanta, whose pastor, Bishop Eddie Long, opposes gay marriage and counsels gay members to abandon their orientation.

My God – is this some kind of Karl Rove operation? Bigotry is equality. Equal rights is not for all.

Found on PlanetCH.

Yeah – I’m heavy on gay rights crap right now. Don’t worry – I’ll switch over to anti-way rants in an hour or so. Then post-election coverage. Then some petty rant about the general population. Then a cleansing catharsis around 9 pm.






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